Mapping Contention: Avoiding Abominable Gaffes in Film and Media

Report by Bobb Drake.

The status quo for global corporations and media doing business in the PRC has been to bow to Chinese influences and censorship pressures to avoid consequences such as getting their products or company banned in the market. With an increased public awareness of this practice comes an increased risk of public backlash, with consequences ranging from public relations issues to mockery to potential boycotting and financial losses.

Yet, in addition to the risk of outcry from the general public, companies also run the risk of actions taken by other national governments who are at odds with the Chinese position. One recent example involves, once again, the contentious Chinese nine-dash line map (see Nimdzi’s article on this issue here).


Scene from the animated film Abominable showing a map with the nine-dash line in the South China Sea.

The Abominable Gaffe

When the Vietnamese government discovered the map appearing in a scene in the animated movie Abominable, co-produced by American animation studio DreamWorks Animation and Chinese company Pearl Studio, they found that to be, well, abominable. 

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This report was researched and written by Nimdzi's Director of Geocultural Research, Bobb Drake. If you wish to learn more about the topic, feel free to reach out to Bobb at [email protected].

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