Making Time Zones Your Friend

Working across different time zones can at times seem like it is slowing you down. However, if done the right way, time zones can be your best friend and drive efficiencies.

Having offices in different time zones means that the production teams can add much more value through the project management Core Function by having full access to the translation vendors during their working hours. Vendor managers also have better access to the linguistic teams and so they can better manage the overall relationship with the supply chain. If an LSP’s facilities are properly set up, they can have full 24-hour coverage with teams in Asia, Europe, and America, each working eight-hour days. This means they can add more value to the client without having to work outside of their regular business hours.

Let’s use an example – your client is in Australia, you are an LSP based in Europe, and you are providing translations from Japanese to Portuguese Brazilian. If your operations are set up efficiently (and correctly), any handoff (of a certain size, of course) coming in during Australian working hours gets translated while your client is busy sleeping, and your Europe-based project managers are there to wrap up the delivery at their end of the day. The client Down Under wakes up and can get straight to implementation. 

Naturally, this is a very specific example but the lesson is still valid:


Make time zones your friend!

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