NMT: LSPs Have Missed the Train

LSPs are not the go-to source of NMT for their clients.

74.2 percent of buyer-side respondents to Nimdzi’s recent survey on the state of NMT replied they have not been working with their partner LSP on piloting the technology for them.

Have you asked your LSPs to look into NMT for you?

Source: Nimdzi Insights

What does this mean?

  • NMT is a strategic consideration for the buyers’ localization programs. As such, in-house competence is being built up and piloting NMT tech is a very controlled process. 
  • LSPs have failed to develop expertise with NMT tech and are not seen as the go-to source for buyers who want to implement NMT.
  • Specialized MT tech providers can capitalize on the opportunity and talk directly to the buyers, essentially cutting out the middleman.

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