Location, Location, Location! Where the Top LSPs Set Up Shop




Location, Location, Location!
Where Top LSPs Set Up Shop

Report Summary

Language service is, by definition, a global industry. Language service buyers (LSBs) rely upon a network of language services providers (LSPs) to help them on their journey to world domination by increasing their global footprint. How do LSPs position themselves in order to provide the best global service offerings to their clients? Does it make a difference where an LSP is headquartered? How important is it for LSPs to have local offices next to their clients or close to their supply chain? These are some of the questions we will be looking at in this report.

In this report, we look at a sample of over 150 LSPs that have offices in two or more locations. This means that the sample of companies is comprised of “larger” LSPs (generally those with over 100 employees. We look primarily at two main indicators:

  • Where are LSPs headquartered?
  • Where do LSPs open subsidiary offices?

By studying trends in these two areas, we can learn how the industry-leading LSPs plan their global growth, and we can draw conclusions on the impact of LSP global growth strategies based on their ability to provide better service to their customers.

Help LSPs create and follow a global expansion strategy

A lot of LSP expansion is not planned. Companies get acquired (coincidental growth), offices are opened to meet client demands (reactive growth), or additional offices are added just to expand capacity because perhaps the local labor market is tapped out (capacity growth). This report allows LSPs to ask the question:

Am I approaching growth as strategically as I can?

Provide a benchmark for LSBs to evaluate their supply chain

Are you getting a full global service from your vendors, or are you missing out on opportunities because they don’t have the global infrastructure needed to support your needs?

This report will present the data in multiple formats so that you can choose what works best for you. Our interactive graphs and maps allow you to drill down on the areas that are interesting to you. If you are more of a raw-data kind of guy/gal, then all of the data will be available to download in spreadsheet format. While this report is best viewed online for the full interactive data discovery experience, you can also print a PDF using the link above. Before printing, you will use the tool to customize the report with just the data you need - no more, no less!

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