Localization Project Manager Career Paths

Introduction – 

Looking to improve your company’s recruiting and hiring processes? Eagerly looking for your next project management career move? If so, this is the ideal insight report for you.

Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, we:

  • Performed a statistical analysis of over 1,000 project manager profiles who are currently working in the localization field on both the client and vendor side
  • Analyzed 245 separate criteria related to each of these 1,000 project managers
  • Analyzed dozens of variables to find statistically significant correlations that drive success for project managers as measured by key “success indicators” (ex. pace of career growth and scoring based on current and previous positions held)
  • Used these success indicators to define the “current position score” of project managers

Information contained in this report

  1. TL;DR
  2. High current position score and advancement score indicators
  3. Description of indicators
  4. Peer perceptions of successful PMs
  5. What do successful PMs say about themselves?
  6. Client side vs. vender side – where do successful PMs originate?
  7. Does gender play a role in becoming a successful PM?
  8. Does education play a role in becoming a successful PM?
  9. Do versatile language skills play a role in becoming a successful PM?

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