Localization of Instructional Videos: Optimizing Processes With Innovative Solutions

Publication by Belén Agulló García.

Instructional videos are a big deal. When was the last time that you went to YouTube to watch a video on how that smartphone or that car or that fancy vacuum cleaner worked before deciding on buying it? Or comparing different brands to see which one spoke to you the most? We bet it wasn’t that long ago!

This is not surprising. Instructional videos are much more effective and to the point than long and complex manuals. Consumers prefer to watch a short video that helps them quickly understand how the product works. Instructional videos are also a great way to promote and market a brand. A commercial ad doesn’t usually show how the product works, but tries to tell a story to connect with the buyers. That’s great, but it doesn’t tell you how to properly clean your coffee machine.

This has been a preview. The full report can be accessed online by Nimdzi Partners.

The full publication contains information on why video localization is an evolving segment of its own and puts the spotlight on two technologies, VideoLocalize and TXTOmedia, helping customers transforming their video content for global audiences. If you are not a Nimdzi Partner, contact us.


This publication was researched and written by Nimdzi’s eLearning Director and Lead Media Researcher, Belén Agulló García. If you wish to find out more about the topic of video localization, please reach out to Belén at [email protected].

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