What Does the Localization Conspiracy Chart Look Like?

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Today, we have put together our own collection of myths and beliefs about the translation and localization industry into a so-called ''conspiracy'' chart.
The language industry conspiracy chart

Impressed by the level of inadequacy shared around the world these days, we have taken it upon ourselves to make our very own collection of myths and beliefs about the translation and localization industry.

In the following illustration, common misconceptions about translation and the language industry at large are rated from ‘speculation’ to ‘detached from reality’ — in a similar vein to this recently published chart by Abbie Richards.

localization conspiracy chart


Nimdzi’s own experts together with external, conservative commentators have put together a collection of well-known theories and beliefs about our industry — and we’ve attempted to ground them in reality.

The result is called the “The Language Industry Conspiracy Chart.” The cited conspiracy theories are based on notes, thoughts and statements shared publicly by industry figures and a variety of companies over the past several years about the world of translation. Most of them, especially those about the machines taking over, have been percolating for some time already and yet still continue to grab headlines. 

Levels of adequacy

The chart is broken down into several sections, beginning with those facts that are true and actually happening. Those are different from conspiracy theories as they are grounded in reality. Further up the pyramid, the statements become “fact” no longer, distancing themselves further and further from the realm of reality. On the very top can be found ideas that are nothing less than “reality denial.”

We hope you enjoy perusing the infographic and encourage you to comment on your favorite translation and localization misconceptions. Or maybe, just maybe, you actually disagree with our ranking… We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

10 January 2022

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