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The Nimdzi Lessons in Localization series highlights the most innovative, up-and-coming, or successful globalization programs in the world.

In this Lesson in Localization, we look at how YAZIO does localization.

A lesson by Inge Boonen


YAZIO, headquartered in Germany, is a health and nutrition app that provides users with nutritional information about their food. The app allows users to enter their meals, receive nutritional information, track their calorie intake, and set health goals. YAZIO also offers additional features such as fasting tracking, water intake measurement, step counting, and a recipe database with over 2,500 original recipes.

YAZIO provides both free and PRO versions, with the PRO version offering additional benefits like access to the complete recipe database, automatic tracking, and personalized recommendations for achieving fitness goals. The app also integrates with other platforms, such as Garmin, Fitbit, and Apple Health, allowing users to synchronize their data seamlessly across different devices.

YAZIO's International Expansion

YAZIO is currently available in 20 languages, including English. The company covers different markets and culturally diverse regions where health, wellness, and weight loss are approached differently. The localization team ensures the app's content is adapted to each market, considering cultural nuances and specific holidays or celebrations.

About the interviewee: Maja Oreskovic

Maja Oreskovic is the head of localization at YAZIO. She reports directly to the CEO and is responsible for overseeing the localization process and ensuring the right tools and processes are in place. Next to Maja, we interviewed her team's two quality managers and the localization project coordinator.


YAZIO is a health and nutrition app that has expanded internationally and is available in 20 languages. The company values localization and has a dedicated team led by Maja, who reports directly to the CEO. The team focuses on providing high-quality content and ensuring a seamless localization process.




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Included in this Lesson in Localization

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  • YAZIO's International Expansion
  • About the Interviewees
  • TL;DR
  • Fast Facts
  • Content Types
  • Program Overview
  • Culture of the Team
  • Organization
  • Project and Process Management
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  • Quality Control
  • Technology
  • Interesting Initiatives
  • The Future


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Special thanks to Maja Oreskovic for sharing her insights with us.

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