Lessons in Localization: Smartsheet


The Nimdzi Lessons in Localization series highlights the largest, the most innovative, the up-and-coming, and the most successful globalization programs in the world.

In today's Lesson in Localization, we look at how Smartsheet does localization.

A lesson by Gabriel Karandysovsky.

About Smartsheet

If you haven’t heard about Smartsheet, you’d better dust off your knowledge of collaborative work management software solutions. Smartsheet is the enterprise platform for work management and leading a segment that, over the past few years, has become more and more integral to the way companies structure their operations. There are a lot of bells and whistles to Smartsheet — as a work management platform it touches on so many areas of work, from project and portfolio management, marketing and creative management and strategic transformation, allowing all of these areas to be managed consistently across an organization, at scale.

As a company embracing the needs of the modern-day workplace, Smartsheet understands one additional key parameter: at the end of the day, they’re addressing a global workforce. Indeed, the company claims “we’re international by default.” For this Lesson in Localization, we spoke with Carsten Kneip, Director of Localization, who, over the last year and a half, has been endeavoring to turn Smartsheet’s localization program into an example others can follow.


Smartsheet Localization runs on Smartsheet: Smartsheet’s work management platform is central to the entire localization operation, not only connecting all stakeholders across the organization, but also all vendor partners, and all systems. Smartsheet as an end-to-end Localization lifecycle management tool: Win-win for everyone!

Focus is on depth, not breadth (for now): The localization team has been playing a key role in continuing to optimize the Smartsheet platform’s presence in their key markets, and it has been paying off!

Machine Translation, full steam ahead! Machine translation is a strategic priority right now. The company has a vast library of content in varied formats where the technology is simply a game changer. The future vision is one of “MT by default.”


Fast facts:

Included in this Lesson in Localization

  • Localization at Smartsheet: an overview
  • Culture
  • Organization
  • Languages
  • Project and process management
  • Supply chain
  • Quality control
  • Technology
  • Interesting initiatives


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Special thanks to Carsten Kneip, Director of Localization at Smartsheet for sharing a valuable lesson in localization.

This Lesson in Localization was prepared by Nimdzi's Head of Content, Gabriel Karandysovsky. If you wish to learn more, reach out to Gabriel at [email protected].

24 July 2023

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