Lessons in Localization: Ørsted


The Nimdzi Lessons in Localization series highlights the largest, the most innovative, the up-and-coming, and the most successful globalization programs in the world.

In today's Lesson in Localization, we look at how Ørsted does localization.

A lesson by Gabriel Karandysovsky.

About Ørsted

Ørsted is a Danish multinational power company which is headquartered in Fredericia, Denmark. It’s the largest energy company in Denmark and the world's largest developer of offshore wind power. 

Aside from wind farms, the company develops, constructs, and operates solar farms, energy storage facilities, renewable hydrogen, green fuels facilities, and bioenergy plants. Ørsted produces 90% of its energy from renewable sources and has plans to increase this to 99% by 2025. The company is considered a global leader in climate action and was the first energy company in the world to have its science-based net-zero emissions target validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Globally, Ørsted employs approximately 8,000 people who act on the company's vision to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. 

For this Lesson in Localization, Nimdzi spoke with Lone Kanstrup, Lead Language Manager at Ørsted. 


Outsourcing frees up bandwidth for a more strategy-based operation.

Using local suppliers connects the team to what is required in the region.

Regular meetings with key players remove the dependency on KPIs.


Fast facts:

Included in this Lesson in Localization

  • Localization at Ørsted: an overview
  • Culture
  • Organization
  • Languages
  • Project and process management
  • KPIs
  • Supply chain
  • Quality control
  • Technology


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Special thanks to Lone Kanstrup, Lead Language Manager at Ørsted for sharing a valuable lesson in localization.

This Lesson in Localization was prepared by Nimdzi's Head of Content, Gabriel Karandysovsky. If you wish to learn more, reach out to Gabriel at [email protected].

18 September 2023

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