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The Nimdzi Lessons in Localization series highlights the largest, the most innovative, the up-and-coming, and the most successful globalization programs in the world.

In this Lesson in Localization, we look at how Monta does localization.

A lesson by Inge Boonen

About Monta

Monta's powerful EV (electric vehicle) platform connects the dots in the entire EV charging industry. It's product suite has been meticulously crafted with the aim of offering both flexibility and transparency to its users. This allows everyone to maintain control over their EV charging experience.

What sets Monta apart from others is their innovative approach to tackling the complexities of the ecosystem with the help of cutting-edge technology. They provide a tailored software solution to cater to the unique needs of their users.

By bridging gaps between drivers, businesses, and industry partners, Monta ensures a seamless experience for everyone. On top of that, they understand the importance of addressing knowledge gaps and empowering individuals along the way. With their constantly forward-thinking approach, they lead the charge in the EV industry. As such, Monta has established itself as a symbol of excellence, keeping up with ever-evolving technologies. Through reliable and proactive software, Monta provides peace of mind, enabling confident navigation in the EV charging landscape.

Monta is 100% committed to making an EV operating system that’s convenient and dependable for all.


Monta is a software solution provider in the EV charging space, enabling a streamlined and accessible EV infrastructure. They cater to private EV drivers & businesses, utility companies, and public stakeholders, aiming to drive the adoption of EVs by making charging more convenient, accessible, and reliable.

Monta’s localization program operates as a hybrid model, overseen by a dedicated in-house localization specialist, Ilona Pedersen.

Localization reports to the Product & Engineering org. Ilona has centralized key localization processes and decisions while collaborating with marketing and expansion teams for market-specific content and roll-out strategy.

The program utilizes a global language service provider (Argos Multilingual) and a TMS (Lokalise), focusing on product localization through MTPE and marketing localization through TEP, transcreation, and copywriting.


Fast facts:

Included in this Lesson in Localization

  • Localization at Monta: an overview
  • Culture
  • Markets and Languages
  • Project and Process Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Quality Control
  • Technology
  • The Future


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Special thanks to Ilona Zaharkina Pedersen for sharing her insights with us.

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