Lessons in Localization: Fujitsu

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A lesson by Gabriel Karandysovsky.

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is a well-established Japanese information and communication technology company with a global footprint. With Global Delivery Centers (GDCs) in eight countries around the world, the company provides services to over 180 countries and regions, operates in over 40 languages, and helps customers achieve global success. For this Lesson in Localization, Nimdzi spoke with Angela Cimmino, head of the Localization department at the Fujitsu GDC based in Portugal.

Source: Fujitsu


Internal LSP: The Localization team at the Portuguese GDC is the go-to service provider for internal clients, while interfacing with external vendors.

On the road to centralization: Local and regional product teams still retain decision-making power for localization. The Localization team is evangelizing the merits of a centralized approach.

New services are being added to the mix: The Localization team is anticipating internal demand, working to include value-add, non-translation services, such as over-the-phone interpreting (OPI), in their portfolio.

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Included in this lesson in localization

  • Program overview
  • Culture
  • Organization
  • Languages
  • Project and Process Management
  • Supply chain
  • Quality control
  • Technology
  • Interesting initiatives

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The Nimdzi Lessons in Localization series highlights the most successful localization programs in the world. For more information about this series, or if you have a suggestion for an exemplary localization program that you would like to see highlighted, contact us today.

Special thanks to Angela Cimmino, Translation and Localization Team Leader at Fujitsu Global for sharing a valuable lesson in localization.


This Lesson in Localization was prepared by Nimdzi's Managing Editor, Gabriel Karandysovsky. If you wish to learn more, reach out to Gabriel at [email protected].

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