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The Nimdzi Lessons in Localization series highlights the most innovative, up-and-coming, or successful globalization programs in the world.

In this Lesson in Localization, we look at how Easygenerator does localization.

A lesson by Nicoli Potgieter

About Easygenerator

Easygenerator is an innovative e-learning platform that revolutionizes the creation and dissemination of educational content. With its flagship feature, EasyAI, the platform uses artificial intelligence to streamline the development of e-learning courses, making the process more efficient and accessible. The platform empowers employees at all levels to produce captivating and informative learning materials without needing extensive technical or design skills. Easygenerator's suite of features, including auto-translation, XLIFF import/export for content localization, multilingual chat support, and text-to-speech capabilities, ensures a comprehensive and inclusive learning experience. These tools are pivotal in enhancing the accessibility of courses, making them suitable for diverse audiences worldwide. The platform's focus on user-friendly design and powerful functionality underscores its mission to democratize e-learning content creation, enabling anyone to contribute to educational initiatives within their organization.

Easygenerator's international expansion. Markets, Locales, and Languages

In its quest for global reach, Easygenerator has strategically expanded its services to cater to an international audience, supporting content creation in over 75 languages. This expansion is central to the company's vision of breaking down language barriers and making e-learning accessible to users around the globe. By enabling organizations to create and distribute learning materials in various local languages, Easygenerator significantly broadens the impact and effectiveness of training programs. This approach not only facilitates better engagement and comprehension among diverse employee bases but also reinforces the platform's role in fostering knowledge sharing across different cultures and geographical locations. Easygenerator's commitment to international expansion reflects its dedication to facilitating seamless, inclusive, and compelling e-learning experiences on a global scale, aligning with its overarching goal to empower educational content creators everywhere.

About the interviewee

Aurelia Madami is a multi-lingual localization professional who has worked as a freelance linguist and project manager for an LSP and now leads localization at Easygenerator. Aurelia has a strong background in translation and has studied and worked in various international environments. She is passionate about foreign languages and cultures and enjoys connecting and discussing localization and global expansion.

Her role involves overseeing the localization processes, aligning them with the company's broader marketing and product goals, and ensuring that every decision is data-driven and impactful.


Easygenerator, an e-learning software company, has embarked on a strategic global expansion, targeting multiple markets and localizing its content to suit various languages and cultural contexts.

Insights from Aurelia Madami, Localization Project Manager, provide a lens into the company's dedication to integrating localization as a core element of its business strategy. The report emphasizes the significance of tailoring the user experience to different regions and the strategic alignment of these efforts with the company's objectives.

The company focuses on comprehensive program management, fostering a collaborative team culture, and maintaining robust project and process management practices. 

Key performance indicators are closely monitored to gauge success. 

Noteworthy initiatives have been launched to stay ahead in the competitive landscape, and the company is poised for further growth and innovation in the e-learning domain.


Fast facts:


Included in this Lesson in Localization

1. About the company

2. The company’s international expansion. Markets, Locales, and Languages

3. About the interviewee

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5. Fast Facts

6. Program Overview:

  • Culture of the team
  • Organization

7. Project and Process Management

8. Supply Chain/Vendor Management

9. Quality Control

10. Technology

11. KPIs

12. Interesting Initiatives

13. The Future


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14 March 2024

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