Leading L10ns for 25 Years – Nimdzi LIVE! Episode 38 (feat. John Fennelly)

Join GUEST Host Renato Beninatto as he talks with Lionbridge (2021 Nimdzi 100 Ranked #2 LSP) CEO John Fennelly to mark Lionbridge’s 40 years of service to the industry. As usual, we keep it informal on Nimdzi LIVE!, and encourage you to bring your questions and comments. This is your opportunity to join LIVE in a conversation with these two well-known industry leaders.

Our guest today is John Fennelly

John is the CEO of Lionbridge, the pioneer and leader in localization and AI services. Under John’s leadership, Lionbridge has experienced significant organic growth. As CEO he leads over 7,000 employees to help businesses break barriers and build bridges to their customers around the world

Prior to joining Lionbridge, he was the CEO of HireRight, a leader in the HCM technology space. At HireRight he developed and led a major turnaround effort that resulted in record revenue and earnings growth. Prior to HireRight, John held executive leadership positions at a number of information services and technology companies, including Thomson-Reuters and Sungard.

About Nimdzi LIVE!

There is a shadow industry driving the growth of ALL global brands: Localization. Let’s talk globalization, localization, translation, interpretation, language, and culture, with an emphasis on how it affects your business, whether you have a scrappy start-up or are working in a top global brand. Topics are taken from the most recently published market research from Nimdzi Insights (and other sources) and will feature guest speakers from time to time. If you have suggestions for new topics or guests or would like to be a guest yourself, please reach out to our producers at [email protected] to pitch your idea.

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13 October 2021

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