Terminology Management Systems

Terminology management systems, also known as termbase systems (TBS), are key for maintaining consistency during translation and localization projects and for adhering to a client’s brand, style, and preferred terminology. Today, there are over 30 terminology management systems, each with its own approach and features. Any company or organization serious about its message, and branding would do well in investing in one of the various tools on the market that is right for them.


  • How do I use the TBS Feature Explorer? keyboard_arrow_down

    The TBS Feature Explorer lists the current technologies on the market and allows users to filter solutions by general information, functionality, and integrations. Users can also view profiles of individual tools and analyze all relevant information in one place. Nimdzi works consistently with the providers to verify and update features and profiles and to make sure all the data are up-to-date.

  • What does the TBS acronym stands for? keyboard_arrow_down

    TB in TBS stands for termbase, the basic component for a Terminology Management System. We created this acronym simply to distinguish Terminology Management Systems from Translation Management Systems (TMS).

  • What is a terminology management system? keyboard_arrow_down

    The localization industry has come a long way from huge hard-covered dictionaries to nowadays, with more than 40 terminology management tools, or termbase systems.

    Each of them has a somewhat unique approach to the term management process since different users have different needs for their particular content. Terminology requirements may vary for technical writers, software developers, content managers, terminologists, translators, LSPs, and their clients. However, modern terminology management tools are able to address these diverse needs. And among their main features are:

    • Descriptions for terms, with images and other media files
    • Support for multilingual terms
    • Term approval workflow and user management
    • Term extraction
    • Morphology support
    • Term history
    • Term relations
    • Integration capabilities

    And much more!

Meet Our Experts

Roman Civin

Roman Civin

Roman is Nimdzi’s VP of Consulting and has over 20 years of experience in localization and continuous improvement work, ranging from solution development, technology change, business process and design to strategic change. He gives practical guidance on the optimization and change of localization process, mindset, technology, and data frameworks. He supports and challenges teams to adopt a purpose-driven lifestyle that leads to radical improvement.

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Yulia Akhulkova

Yulia Akhulkova

Yulia graduated as a software engineer. Since 2010 she has worked in localization combining strategic, operational, and marketing functions. Her main areas of research are language technology and game localization. Projects Yulia worked on include the Nimdzi Language Technology Atlas, the “Introduction to Language Technology” e-learning course, Nimdzi’s terminology management systems feature explorer, and numerous studies on language technology for enterprise and government clients.

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