The Nimdzi Language Technology Series: Panel Discussions on the Most Relevant Topics in Language Technology Today

What is the language technology series?

If you're wondering where to begin your journey through the language technology landscape or you're looking to stay abreast of evolving conversations, you have come to the right place. You may have heard of the Language Technology Atlas which includes the most recent language tech solutions on the market: translation management systems, translation business management systems, audiovisual translation tools, quality management solutions, integrators, machine translation tools, marketplaces and platforms, interpreting systems, and speech recognition technology. That's right, one centralized and organized map for them all, updated every year with the newest tech and solutions. To explore these topics further, we have organized a series of panel discussions with translation, localization, and language technology experts to look at the most relevant topics in the language technology space today.

Episode 1: AVT Panel Discussion

Audiovisual translation (AVT) is the process of rendering a script for an audiovisual product from Language A (source language) into Language B (target language). In the first panel of the Nimdzi Language Technology series, we discuss the challenges of joining scripting, translations, glossaries, quality control, and remote recording in one hosted online space. We also consider freelancer engagement and UI challenges, and get a sneak peek into upcoming research on remote recording in the media industry written by Belén Agulló García. Host Yulia Akhulkova, Tech and Data Science Researcher at Nimdzi is joined by Greg Taieb, Vice President of Product Development and Innovation at Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, Mazin Al-Jumaili, Director of Business Development at ZOO Digital, and Belén Agulló García PhD, eLearning Director and Lead Media Researcher at Nimdzi Insights.

Episode 2: TMS Panel Discussion

The Translation Management Systems (TMS) session welcomes anyone interested in the subject of modern TMS technology, be it a developer, an investor or a buyer. The conversation moderated by Istvan Lengyel (BeLazy, Nimdzi) is aimed to be more of a fireside chat rather than a scientific battle. Together with our guests, Istvan will discuss trends and challenges in the area, integrations, as well as plans and roadmap for 2021. We will also be hearing from Martin Švestka (Memsource), Sandra Roosna (TranslateWise.com), and Igor Afanasyev (Smartcat, Serge.io).

Episode 3: Terminology Management Tools

In episode 3 of the Nimdzi Language Technology Series, we explore terminology management and technology solutions that the market currently offers. We discuss existing modern ways of extracting terminology and dealing with morphology. In this webinar, we talk about term life cycle and its integration throughout the organization, and we discuss glossary translation productivity. Our knowledgeable speakers will share use cases from their own vast experience and describe ways existing terminology management solutions solve the common terminology-related challenges.

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10 December 2020

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