Consolidated information and analysis on companies operating in the Localization industry


If you've ever been searching for one general source that consolidates various information, representation and analytics on Language Services Providers operating all over the world, then this new project we have just launched is the right one for you.


The Nimdzi Language Services Atlas is your point of reference for information on companies in which part of the world and vertical they operate, which kind of language services they provide. We are also keen to show you various representations of LSPs in different categories, such as companies' distribution by size, a general picture of the youngest and oldest language services companies working worldwide, and the gender distribution of those companies' leadership. Yet more exciting insights on LSPs worldwide are planned to be analyzed and presented to your attention.






To create the Nimdzi Language Services Atlas we have analyzed the information collected through numerous surveys we’ve been running throughout recent years for different projects, in particular:

As a result, we collected data sheets provided by more than 450 companies and scanned through lenses of various representations that may be in the scope of your interest.


Every month we will be publishing a new series of the Nimdzi Language Services Atlas, thus unlocking the possibility for you to browse through our interactive map and reveal the information on LSPs you were searching for.


If you want to be represented in any series of our project, please reach out to us by filling in the survey.



LSPs regarding your filters: