Key Influencers in the Interpreting Market

There are three key influencers for interpreting services in every market: demand, government, and infrastructure.

The demand


The interpreting services in every country are highly influenced by who needs the service and in what kind of situation. This is driven by the level of immigration, the country’s international relations and the economy.

The Government

The government has a huge influence on the interpreting market in every nation. First of all because the government is responsible for passing language access laws. This can be influenced by whether the country has a history of multilingualism and also by the level of immigration.

It is also the government that decides how the country is run. Is the country split into regions or states? Who has what responsibility? All of this influences interpreting services.

Last but not least, the level of funding the government invests into interpreting services has a big impact on the market.

The infrastructure

Geography is a factor for interpreting markets. If there are vast distances between cities and regions, or a lot of remote villages, it will be harder to get interpreters to assignments. This could on the other hand be a driver for remote interpreting. It also matters if a country has certain interpreting hubs, like for example in Belgium where the market centres around Brussels. These hubs then dominate the market and set rates and standards.

The technological infrastructure also plays a big role. How solid the internet connection in public places and remote regions is, can either be a driver or a blocker for remote solutions. 

To find out more about trends across different interpreting markets around the globe, read the full report here.

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