International Women’s Day 2024

Women-led businesses in the Language Services Industry

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the crucial role that women have played in building the language services industry. According to preliminary research from the Nimdzi 100 Ranking of the Largest Language Services Providers by revenue, there are 13 women-led businesses to highlight this year. 

2023 Ranking (2024 Nimdzi 100) Leader Company Country 2023 Revenue (USD million)
15 Jacobia Solomon, President AMN Language Services United States 260.0
31 Elisabete Miranda, Founder CEO CQ fluency United States 86.0
34 Astrid Van Rossum, CEO Global Talk Netherlands 76.2
43 Isabelle Andrieu, Co-founder & Chairwoman Translated Italy 62.0
44 Kristin Quinlan, CEO Certified Languages International United States 61.1
50 Claudia Mirza, Founder CEO Akorbi United States 55.1
69 Silke Zschweigert, CEO Jonckers Belgium 33.6
71 Mary Kazamias, CEO Traductions Serge Bélair (TRSB) Canada 32.7
75 Isabelle Weiss, Owner Alpha CRC United Kingdom 30.8
84 Shirley Li Glodom Language Solutions China 27.8
93 Jennifer Hanna, Founder CEO Hanna Interpreting Services United States 22.5
95 Kristy Sakai, CEO Creative Supertext Switzerland 20.0
95 Laura Fernandez, CEO Corporate Supertext Switzerland 20.0
96 Marisa Gillio, CEO Language Link Corp United States 19.7

Many of these companies have been highlighted in previous years (2023, 2022), though we do welcome a newcomer to the list in 2024, Language Link Corporation, led by CEO Marisa Gillio.

In addition to the companies that ranked in the largest 100 LSPs (Nimdzi 100), there are also some notable mentions to include who did not make the top 100 list this year. These companies include Hansem Global in South Korea, itl Institut für technische Literatur in German, Tarjama& in the United Arab Emirates, and mt-g from Germany.

Leader Company Country 2023 Revenue (USD million)
Yang Sook Kim, Founder CEO Hansem Global South Korea 14.1
Christine Wallin-Felkner, Founder itl Institut für technische Literatur Germany 14.1
Nour Al Hassan, Founder and CEO Tarjama& UAE 16.4
Gerlinde Bendig, Founder and Managing Director mt-g Germany 14.8

Lastly, some women-led companies are important to mention, although they have not reported verified revenue for 2024 and therefore are not included in the Nimdzi 100 ranking. These companies are International, MasterWord Services, and Valbin Corporation.

Leader Company Country
Ludmila Golovine MasterWord Services United States
Volbona Sherifi Valbin Corporation United States

The language services industry has more women-led companies

According to the Nimdzi Top 100 LSP rankings for 2024, 13% of the industry's largest 100 companies are women-led. While this number may seem small when compared to the fact that ~10% of Fortune 500 companies were women-led in 2023, it shows that the language industry continues to outshine other industries in terms of leadership gender diversity.

As the industry continues to grow and evolve, it is crucial that companies prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to ensure that women have equal opportunities to ascend to leadership positions. By fostering a more inclusive environment and actively working to close the gender gap in leadership, the language services industry can set an example for other sectors and unlock the full potential of its diverse talent pool.

Women-led LSPs grow faster

While women-led companies only make up 13% of the Nimdzi Top 100 LSPs for 2024, these companies are punching above their weight when it comes to growth. For the LSPs in the Nimdzi 100 ranking with verified data, women-led LSPs grew at an impressive average rate of 9.8%, significantly outpacing the average growth rate of 5.0% for all top 100 LSPs. This trend is widespread, with 71% of women-led companies with verified data showing growth from 2022 to 2024.

Notable women-led LSPs with ~20% or higher growth

Several women-led LSPs stand out for their remarkable growth over the past two years:

  1. Global Talk, led by CEO Astrid Van Rossum, climbed from #49 to #34, growing from $52.3 million to $76.2 million, a 46% increase.
  2. Hanna Interpreting Services, led by Founder and CEO Jennifer Hanna, saw its revenue rise from $17 million to $22.5 million, a 32% growth.
  3. AMN Language Services, led by President Jacobia Solomon, grew from $216 million to $260 million, a 20% increase.
  4. Glodom Language Solutions from China, led by CEO Shirley Li, expanded from $23.2 million to $27.8 million, a 20% growth.

These impressive growth figures demonstrate that women-led LSPs are not only holding their own in the industry but are actively driving its growth and success. As we celebrate International Women's Day 2024, it's important to recognize and applaud the significant contributions these women-led companies are making to the language services industry.

Find more information in the Nimdzi 100 Report

The data used above is taken from the Nimdzi 100 Industry Ranking and Market Analysis Report. As of the time fo this article, the 2024 preliminary ranking of the industry’s top 100 language service providers by revenue is already published. Stay tuned here for when the full 2024 Nimdzi 100 Market Report will be published in March. 

6 March 2024

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