Pack Your Bags! 2018 Localization Industry Events Calendar

So, where are you going this year?

Perhaps the best job perk of working in localization is the opportunity to travel to new places and meet fascinating people. But travel budgets are not infinite, so first you need to sit down and prioritize your travel itinerary. Nimdzi has made this easy for you by preparing a list of top events for – or related to – the language services industry. 

Using the below dashboard you can filter the dates, the type of events, and even the locations that are most convenient for you. Or you can simply take a look at the full menu to see what all the options are. Who knows? Something exciting might pique your interest!

Are you an event organizer?

Include your event in the listing to reach new potential attendees. Submitting your information is quick and there is no cost to be included. 

Still not sure?

Having a hard time deciding where to prioritize your 2018 travel budget? We’re here to help. You can contact Nimdzi today and we are happy to weigh in and help craft an itinerary that is best suited for your needs. 

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We will keep you posted as each new report is published so that you are sure not to miss anything.

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