In the Name of Customer Service

We previously talked about the importance of offering your customers the payment methods they want.Otherwise, you may end up losing out on 20 percent of your potential global consumer base that will simply abandon their shopping carts. Today, we’ll take this a step further.

It’s not only about offering potential customers a wide variety of payment methods. It’s about the little things that happen before, during and after a purchase – the level of customer service you are able to provide.

Customer service concerns by region


Ensuring that your content is optimized for cross-border shopping, that your payment methods and accepted currencies are convenient for international markets, and that your website’s level of security and its overall functionality are of the highest quality all demonstrate to visitors that you value your customers’ experience. In addition, delivery and shipping options, as well as ways to contact an actual person with questions or concerns, all impact on customer service.

E-commerce merchants should consider the entire customer experience. The more you pay attention to the customers’ overall expectations from start to finish, the more likely your customer base will remain loyal. And with cross-border e-commerce expected to continue to rise in the coming years, investing in localization, payment options, security, website functionality, and customer service will undoubtedly take that loyal base and grow it.

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