Recruiting New Salespeople: What to Look For and How to Recruit


Report written by Inge Boonen.

Ah, sales... It’s equal parts black magic, sweat and tears, logic, with a bit of luck sprinkled in to make things interesting (and unpredictable). Sales is a process, however, albeit one that is far from straightforward to grasp without proper training. Companies that don’t have the fundamentals right will not be doing themselves any favors.

For language service providers (LSPs), hiring new salespeople and building out an entire Sales organization is essential for ensuring growth. If owners of LSPs have money to spend and are wondering what to do with it, recruiting new salespeople is generally a good investment — provided the company does it properly. Nimdzi’s data show there is a direct correlation between having sales personnel and achieving increased revenue growth.

Sales in the language services industry today: Where are we at?

With COVID-19 in the rearview mirror, signs are pointing towards growth in most major client industries. As it is, there is no winding back the clock on content production. As millions of new potential end customers are gaining access to products and services across the globe, there will only ever be more content being created and in need of localization. With this in mind, the challenge LSPs will be faced with is to be out there, to be visible, and to talk to prospective customers.

This applies to LSPs both big and small. Even companies that are already doing well might want to hire new salespeople. So how should you go about doing this? One immediate option companies have is to go for someone who already has experience in the language services industry. 

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The full report can be accessed by Nimdzi Partners. The full publication goes into detail on tactics how to approach and hire sales talent. If you are not a Nimdzi Partner, contact us.

This publication was researched and written by Inge Boonen, Nimdzi's VP of Sales and Consulting. If you wish to learn more about this topic, reach out to Inge at [email protected].

20 September 2021

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