Lessons in localization: IKEA

How IKEA Does It – 

Introduction – 

For the purposes of this report, we will be discussing IKEA Group, otherwise known as Ingka Holding, which technically operates as a franchise for Inter IKEA Holding. IKEA Group, headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, is responsible for running the global retail operations for IKEA and this is where we focus our attention.

The information contained within this report has been gathered from various sources inside and outside the Language Services Industry. The insights are valuable whether you are a localization manager interested in learning from how IKEA does it, or an eager LSP who would like to understand the needs of this unique customer. 

Information contained in this report:

  1. TL;DR – Executive Summary
  2. Organization structure and culture
  3. Centralization of localization processes
  4. Localization budget allocation
  5. Project management structure and processes
  6. Quality control processes
  7. Vendor management structure and processes
  8. Technology strategy and processes
  9. Nimdzi’s insights and summary of information

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