Global payment gateways series: Part 3 – Customer Expectations

Introduction – 

In previous reports, we have shown just how important it is to choose the right payment gateway – or gateways – for your business. So, in this report, we go a little further. We examine the top 5 customer concerns that can often be the decisive factor in whether or not they complete any given online transaction. Payment gateways that not only allow for a variety of payment options but that allow customers to pay in familiar currencies are very popular among the nearly 2 billion online shoppers worldwide. But shoppers want more. They want peace of mind from beginning to end. Does your ecommerce site make the grade? Help your ecommerce business gain your customers’ trust and increase traffic.

Information contained in this report

  1. History of payment gateways
  2. Content development and communication
  3. Payment options and familiar currencies
  4. Security and trust
  5. Technical issues
  6. Customer service

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