The Global Expansion Framework


Report written by Miguel Sepulveda.

As a localization or global marketing team, sooner or later you’re going to be faced with the question of what international markets to focus on. Knowing what countries to launch your digital product in initially and how to enter those markets  is something that requires focus, a well-defined strategy and serious consideration.

In this article, we take a look at tactics and best practices to consider when choosing what markets to expand into, but first we must define a global expansion framework. The following infographic represents  steps to include in your global expansion strategy in order to increase the reachability and scalability of your digital products or services. 


A global expansion framework is a model in which market penetration and localization can be prioritized in an order that makes the most sense. Such a framework clearly identifies the variables that must be considered in determining whether any particular market is worth entering.

Our Global Expansion Framework is made up of six variables, each of which could theoretically be used by itself to determine which markets to focus on. However, a globalization strategy is much more effective when all of these variables are considered together.

This has been a preview. The full report can be accessed online by Nimdzi Partners.

The full publication contains information about different variables that shape the framework for global expansion and aid deciding which markets to focus on. If you are not a Nimdzi Partner, contact us.

This report has been researched and written by Nimdzi's Globalization Specialist, Miguel Sepulveda. If you want to learn more about this topic or lay the groundwork for your own global expansion framework, reach out to Miguel at [email protected].

13 December 2021

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