Gender-free communication and avoiding linguistic discrimination – Nimdzi LIVE! Episode 22 (feat. Mercedes Montero)

Today we talk with specialist translator, Mercedes Montero the topic of gender-free communication and the importance of avoiding linguistic discrimination of any kind when translating or producing content for the general public. We will also cover the need for specific training in these areas for professionals working in the language industry.

Our guest today is Mercedes Montero

Mercedes Montero (or simply, Mechi) is a translator and a teacher who has been working for more than ten years with translation agencies and private clients. She's also a member of staff in translation and language teaching training programs. Being absolutely passionate for languages, she has developed a deep interest in language change as a result of evolving social communication needs. She believes that translators and other members of the language industry have a crucial role to play, as they have the power (and the responsibility) to act as agents of change and promote equality and respect for diversity when doing their job and making linguistic decisions on behalf of their clients.

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16 June 2021

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