Lessons in Localization: FARFETCH

The Nimdzi Lessons in Localization series highlights the largest, most innovative, and most successful globalization programs in the world.

In today's Lesson in Localization, we take a look at how FARFETCH does localization.


A lesson by Hannah Leske.


“FARFETCH exists for the love of fashion.”

FARFETCH is a global technology platform that connects creators, curators, and consumers of high-end fashion. Launched in 2008, FARFETCH has been at the forefront of the luxury industry’s shift towards ecommerce. Whether it’s a Gucci bag or Prada suit, FARFETCH aims to find and deliver these items, wherever the customer may be. The FARFETCH marketplace has more than 1,350 brands and luxury retailers on its platform and ships to customers across more than 190 countries. 

Given the company’s global reach and customer focus, localization plays a vital role in its operations. Nimdzi spoke with Alex Katsambas, Head of Linguistic Services at FARFETCH, to gain some insight into the company’s localization strategy and processes.



An inherent appreciation of the value of localization: with a CEO and key stakeholders who applaud localization, the team doesn’t need to fight for buy-in or support.


Strategically selected job titles: FARFETCH’s experts are responsible for so much more than translating content, and job titles were carefully chosen to reflect that.

farfetch-localization-externa supportl

External support from an expert team of ‘permalancers’, freelancers, and a Language Services Provider (LSP) helps the team manage their fluctuating workload.

farfetch-localization-machine translation

An optimistic but cautious approach to machine translation (MT): the team is currently assessing how MT might be incorporated to assist them in the future.

Fast facts

Included in this lesson in localization

  • Localization at FARFETCH: an overview
  • Culture
  • Budget
  • Internal organization
  • Languages
  • Project and process management
  • Supply chain
  • Quality control
  • Technology
  • Interesting initiatives

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Special thanks to Alex Katsambas, Head of Linguistic Services at FARFETCH for sharing a valuable lesson in localization.

Hannah Leske Nimdzi Insights

This Lesson in Localization was prepared by Nimdzi's Localization Researcher, Hannah Leske. If you wish to learn more, reach out to Hannah at [email protected].

26 April 2021

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