Fall 2020 LSP Sales Process Workshop

Fall 2020 LSP Sales Process Workshop with Renato Beninatto and John E. Flannery 

Train your team to speak the language of sales through a proven methodology customized for language service providers.

When looking to increase your sales volume, would it be helpful if your Sales, Marketing, Project Management and Managerial teams could:

  • Consistently develop opportunities that align with your core competencies?
  • Accurately assess the stage that the prospect/customer is in during the buying cycle?
  • Increase the potential to cross-sell or bundle additional services and languages into projects?

You are invited to participate in the Fall 2020 Virtual LSP Sales Process Workshop, created and delivered by Nimdzi Insights and Flannery Sales Systems. Our combined team has conducted this program for 15 years, in 7 countries with hundreds of attendees.

Topics in the workshop include:

  • Prospecting for New Revenue
  • Identifying Business Objectives and Establishing Value
  • Accessing Key Players
  • Managing an Evaluation Timeline and
  • Negotiating and Closing Opportunities while maintaining your margins.

Each of these topics is aligned with a key selling skill, and attendees will practice in the Workshop and through an online portal for continuous reinforcement.

Training does not drive results; get on a call with you coach and practice what you have learned. For every 3 participants, there will be 1 dedicated coach for breakout sessions during the workshop and post-follow-up opportunities to continue training with your coaches.  

Dates and format:
September 15 - 17, 2020, virtual
7-11 AM PDT  |  4-8 PM CET 

Pricing and Special Offers
Workshop price: 2,500 USD per registrant 
Nimdzi Partners: 1,875 USD (25% discount) per registrant 
Partner Associations (TINA, Women in Localization, EAGLS, Elia): 2,000 USD 
Group bookings: 2,100 USD (reach out to John Flannery to speak about your company’s special group offer [email protected] )
Would you like to be a partner association and secure 20% off for your association members? Email [email protected].

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Here’s what past participants have to say about the Nimdzi/Flannery trainings:

27 August 2020

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