Report: Certified Medical and Legal Interpretation Services in California: The Cost of Provision

Access to and usage of language services are increasing exponentially as technology shrinks the globe, connecting us more and more across culture and language. In addition, there is increased awareness and efforts towards diversity, equity and inclusion, in particular with regards to access to essential services such as education, medical care and legal services.

In this 20-page report, we examine the market for certified interpreting services in two of the most developed and professionalized verticals in the space, medical and legal interpreting, in one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse geographies in the US: California.

Inside the report:

  • Introduction
  • Study Background and Methodology
  • Market Overview and Background
  • Certifications
  • Settings
    • Legal
    • Medical
  • Cost of Provision
    • Rate Structure Definitions
      • Minium Fees
      • Half Day Fees
      • Full Day Fees
      • Additional notes
    • Regional Pricing
    • Review of Fees for Interpretation Services in Legal Settings
      • Average Legal Interpretation Costs by Region
    • Review of Fees for Interpretation Services in Medical Settings
      • Average Medical Interpretation Costs by Region
  • Conclusions and Findings
  • Appendix 1: Market Rates by Country
  • Appendix 2: Sources and Additional Resources

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