A Comparative Study of the
Top Machine Translation Engines

Weglot and Nimdzi Insights conducted this study to evaluate and compare a selection of leading machine translation (MT) technologies. This study aims to evaluate and identify what practical business impact MT can have on website translation.

We completed a series of human reviews on five of the leading machine translation (MT) technologies across seven language pairs with a focus on usability and evaluating performance to articulate the practical business impact MT has on translating corporate website content.

in the report

  • Introduction
  • Purpose
  • What was done
  • Scope of work and methodology
  • Editors with user hats on
  • The Sample
  • The scope of review: languages, engines, and editors
  • Review assignment, process, method, and definitions
  • Principles and constraints in this report
  • Insights and findings
  • Overall usability from different perspectives
  • Editing aspects
  • Conclusion
  • State of the MT technologies today
  • Business impact

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