Defining a Successful PM

Finding the right project manager (PM) for your company (or a professional for any position you are attempting to fill, really) is often a mix between rocket science and taking a leap of faith.

What, then, makes an ideal candidate? What should I look for in my new hire?

Nimdzi has analyzed the profiles of over 1,000 PMs to give you what you need to answer these questions, analyzing 26 most commonly used keywords for referrals, bios, and resumes. We then calculated a score to determine which indicators have the most impact on their current position, as well as their career advancement.

Relation between descriptive keywords used by colleagues, current position score, and advancement score


Note: A positive correlation coefficient indicates a positive relationship between two variables, such that one variable goes up as the other one goes up as well, and vice versa. The closer the coefficient to 1 (positive) or -1 (negative), the stronger the association.

How others perceive the PM, for instance via referrals, is a strong measure of an individual’s success. Building a strong and supportive professional network has a significant impact on your current position and rate of advancement.

How is this useful?

By looking at this data you can gain interesting insights into where the most successful PMs turn their attention.

  1. You now know which are success indicators for PMs who have set themselves apart from their colleagues. 
  2. Hiring managers who are interested in profiling ideal candidates for open PM positions have the indicators to guide them in the selection process.
  3. Project managers can use these findings to help differentiate themselves from their peers.
  4. University students of localization will now be able to better understand which areas require attention and focus.

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16 September 2019
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