UX and Localization: Designing Content for Global Markets

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UX and Localization

Designing Content for Global Markets


Class overview

This course will cover the topic of user experience (UX), its relationship with localization, and best practices to keep in mind when designing content for global markets. To create a user experience that resonates with people in other countries, you need to understand how to shape content for an international audience. This course will equip you with the knowledge to create a multi-market product.


  • Part 1 - User Experience (Trial)
    • Introduction
    • What's UX?
    • UI vs. UX
    • What are you doing to satisfy the needs of your consumers?
    • Introduction to the User Experience Honeycomb
  • Part 2 - User Experience Design (Certificate) - For Nimdzi Partners only!
    • Introduction
    • Discovery
    • Research
    • UX Persona
    • Design
    • Launch and measurement
  • Part 3 - Cross-cultural UX (Certificate) - For Nimdzi Partners only!
    • Introduction
    • Introduction to Hofstede's cultural dimensions
    • Power distance
    • Individualism vs collectivism
    • Masculinity vs femininity
    • Uncertainty avoidance
    • Long-term vs short-term orientation
    • Indulgence vs restraint
    • Summary of Cultural dimensions
    • Introduction to design
    • Plan your UX to handle text expansion
    • Plan UX to handle word order
    • Plan UX to handle cultural differences
    • Writing English content for international markets
    • Summary of Part 3
    • Course Wrap Up

By taking this class, you will have an opportunity to learn about

  • What UX means in a digital product environment and the differences between UX and UI
  • The evolution of UX as a discipline from its origins to current trends
  • Reasons why you should embrace UX activities as part of your design efforts
  • The Honeycomb model as a framework to design experiences
  • The different phases of the UX process
  • UX personas and what you need to consider when creating one
  • User journey maps as a successful strategy to create an inclusive UX product
  • Metrics to follow to measure your progress
  • Designing a product for international audiences based on Hofstede’s cultural framework
  • Content creation for international audiences

Who this class is for

"UX and Localization: Designing Content for Global Markets" is aimed at professionals who create digital products such as designers, UX professionals, content strategists as well as localization professionals.

Certificate of Completion

When you complete all the lessons, you will receive a certificate of completion! In order to do so, you will need to get at least 80% of your quiz replies right. Best of luck!

Miguel Sepulveda

Miguel Sepulveda linkedin twitter

Fields of expertise: Project Management Training, Video games, QA, Vendor Management, Culturalization

After finishing his studies in Computer Engineering, Miguel started his career in 1995 working for Microsoft in Dublin, providing Linguistic QA. Later he worked as a Global Localization Manager for Lionbridge until 2007 when he left the vendor side and joined Electronic Arts as a Technical Solutions Manager. At EA, he was in charge of creating localization programs and automation solutions for blockbuster titles such as Fifa, Need for Speed or The Sims. In 2014 Miguel joined King (the makers of Candy Crush) as a Globalization Director. At King, Miguel is responsible for adapting mobile games so that they resonate with global audiences. Today Miguel is helping Nimdzi explore ways of improving localization programs and advising Nimdzi Partners on game globalization strategies.