Strategic Decision Making

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Strategic Decision Making:

Embracing Change for Personal and Professional Success


Class overview

In this course, we will be discussing the decision-making process, specifically in a business context, although you could apply the principles we’ll be discussing to other areas of your life, as well. We’ll be talking about how to make better-informed decisions, which typically lead to better results. The goal of this course is to help you gain awareness of the decision-making process so that you can be more effective and confident when making decisions. Real-life examples will be used to exemplify the different parts of the Seven Step process.


  • Part 1 - Introduction (trial - free access)
    • Analysis Paralysis
    • Extinction by Instinct
    • Emotions
    • Decision Fatigue
    • Perfectionism
  • Part 2 -  Seven Steps Methodology (certificate - only for Nimdzi Partners)
    • Identify
    • Gather information
    • Identify alternatives
    • Analyze alternatives
    • Select an alternative
    • Take action
    • Review

By taking this class, you will have an opportunity to

  • Gain self-awareness of your own decision-making process and understand which blockers are preventing you from making decisions and how to overcome those blockers
  • Develop strategies to overcome the challenges you may have when making decisions
  • Gain confidence when making decisions by having a systematic approach to your decision-making process

Who this class is for

Strategic Decision Making: Embracing change for personal and professional success is designed for commited, driven managers and directors faced with decision-making challenges at work who are looking to improve their effectiveness and confidence when making decisions that have an impact on their organization and customer base.

Certificate of Completion

When you complete all the lessons, you will receive a certificate of completion! In order to do so, you will need to get at least 80% of your quiz replies right. Best of luck!

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As managing director and co-founder, Tucker takes Renato’s crazy ideas and puts them into action. Specialized in vendor side operations, global team management, large program outsourcing, and supply chain governance, Tucker is happy to share his operational experience with Nimdzi’s partners.