How to set up your localization metrics program: Advancing your strategy and explaining the business impact

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How to set up your localization metrics program

Advancing your strategy and explaining the business impact


Class overview

What gets measured gets improved, and this is what you will take away from this course. During the course, you will understand the differences between data, metrics and KPIs and know what localization operational metrics to use to take your localization strategy to the next level. You will also learn the secrets of efficiently and effectively communicating your progress to the C-suite, enabling your leadership team to understand how your localization efforts impact the objective of the organization. Compiling and analyzing localization KPIs is paramount in detecting critical points and opportunities, and this course will reveal how to do that.


  • Part 1 (Trial)
    • Lesson 00 - Anything can be measured
    • Lesson 01 - Why you need KPIs
    • Lesson 02 - Let's get the basics right
  • Part 2 (Certificate) - For Nimdzi Partners only!
    • Lesson 03 - SLAs vs KPIs
    • Lesson 04 - Localization operational KPI’s
    • Lesson 05 - Project management metrics
    • Lesson 06 - Quality metrics
    • Lesson 07 - Financial metrics
    • Lesson 08 - Customer service localization metrics
    • Lesson 09 - How to create a localization ecosytem
    • Lesson 10 - How to create useful localization KPIs in 3 steps
    • Summary - Localization KPIs

By taking this class, you will have an opportunity to

  • Understand the difference between data, metrics and KPIs
  • Learn about key localization operational metrics and how they differ from strategic localization KPIs
  • Learn to build a localization KPI ecosystem
  • Understand communication best practices to report KPI progress to the C-Suite

Who this class is for

This course is designed for localization project managers and localization team leaders, as well as other localization professionals (such as localization solutions architects, translators and internationalization engineers), who are looking to improve the effectiveness of their localization programs by implementing a KPI ecosystem

Certificate of Completion

When you complete all the lessons, you will receive a certificate of completion! In order to do so, you will need to get at least 80% of your quiz replies right. Best of luck!

Miguel Sepulveda

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Fields of expertise: Project Management Training, Video games, QA, Vendor Management, Culturalization

After finishing his studies in Computer Engineering, Miguel started his career in 1995 working for Microsoft in Dublin, providing Linguistic QA. Later he worked as a Global Localization Manager for Lionbridge until 2007 when he left the vendor side and joined Electronic Arts as a Technical Solutions Manager. At EA, he was in charge of creating localization programs and automation solutions for blockbuster titles such as Fifa, Need for Speed or The Sims. In 2014 Miguel joined King (the makers of Candy Crush) as a Globalization Director. At King, Miguel is responsible for adapting mobile games so that they resonate with global audiences. Today Miguel is helping Nimdzi explore ways of improving localization programs and advising Nimdzi Partners on game globalization strategies.