Effective Selling During Online Events

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Effective selling during online events:

Seizing the opportunity for success


Class overview

Preparing and planning before you attend an online event will lead to effective selling and increase your opportunities for success. This course will leave you with a toolkit that equips you to better prepare for an online event and drive meaningful conversations with your prospects in a challenging virtual environment.


  • Part 1 (Trial)
    • Lesson 1 - Introduction
    • Lesson 2 - Which event should I attend?
    • Lesson 3 - Preparing for an online event
  • Part 2 (Certificate) - For Nimdzi Partners only!
    • Lesson 4 - Setting up a meeting
    • Lesson 5 - Preparing for the meeting
    • Lesson 6 - During the meeting
    • Lesson 7 - To exhibit or not to exhibit?
    • Lesson 8 - Preparing your booth
    • Lesson 9 - Inside the booth
    • Lesson 10 - How to sell in 15 minutes?

By taking this class, you will have an opportunity to

  • Understand the challenges of selling in online environments and better prepare yourself to stand out among your competitors.
  • Learn different strategies that will help you make the best decisions when selecting and attending online events.
  • Understand the different steps you need to take before, during, and after an online event to get the most out of it.

Who this class is for

“Effective selling during online events: Seizing the opportunity for success” is designed for individuals who drive revenue for their organizations, as well as those who are responsible for closing deals, opening new opportunities, and finding relevant leads.

Certificate of Completion

When you complete all the lessons, you will receive a certificate of completion! In order to do so, you will need to get at least 80% of your quiz replies right. Best of luck!

Josef Kubovsky

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Fields of expertise: Sales Strategy, TMS, CAT Tools, Quotes and Proposals, Client RFPs, Buyer Behavior

In his 17 years in the language industry, Josef has developed outstanding business acumen. After receiving a degree in International Relations, Josef worked his way up from a Sales Manager position at a regional translation company to Branch Manager, then moving to an international MLV, and eventually becoming Head of Sales at a technology company, where he managed a worldwide sales team of 27. Today, Josef is using his unique blend of language, tech, and sales skills to help Nimdzi partners in their pursuit of business excellence and growth.