Cost Control and Client Negotiation

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Class overview

This class will cover basic but effective negotiation tactics that will be useful to any localization professional who finds they need to negotiate as part of their job. The class is broken into four lessons: 

1. The Language Services Value Chain

2. Introduction to bargaining power

3. Overcoming fear and intimidation

4. Project Manager Negotiation tactics

5. Bonus Role-Playing Exercises (bring your own partner)

In the first three lessons we will set the scene and learn how market forces affect bargaining power for buyers and suppliers. This will set the scene for a deeper dive during Lesson 4 where we look at practical ideas and exercises to help level-up your negotiation game starting today.


  • Part 1 (Trial)
    • Lesson 00 - Introduction
    • Lesson 01 - How LSPs add value
  • Part 2 (Certificate) - For Nimdzi Partners only!
    • Lesson 02 - Bargaining power
    • Lesson 03 - Overcoming fear and intimidation
    • Lesson 04 - General Negotiation Tactics for PMs
    • Bonus - Role-Playing Exercises

By taking this class, you will have an opportunity to

  • Understand the language services value chain, the role you play in it, and how this affects your bargaining power. 
  • Identifying and overcoming internal blockers (including fear) to effective negotiation
  • Learn some practical, actionable skills that can be put to use immediately to become a more confident and effective negotiator.

Who this class is for

This course will be particularly useful for LSP account managers, project managers, and vendor managers or anybody who needs to negotiate with clients, vendors, or other stakeholders.

Certificate of Completion

When you complete all the lessons, you will receive a certificate of completion! In order to do so, you will need to get at least 80% of your quiz replies right. Best of luck!

Tucker Johnson

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Fields of expertise: Project Management Training, Sales Strategy, Client RFPs, Account Management, Vendor Management

Tucker is a co-founder of Nimdzi Insights and an expert in translation, localization, and all things language industry. In addition to the work he does with Nimdzi clients, he is also an adjunct professor at Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey and a co-owner of MultiLingual Media, publishing MultiLingual magazine.