Content Prioritization: Going Global without Breaking the Bank

Publication by Miguel Sepulveda.

Going global (or at least seriously considering the option) is the natural next step in the evolution of any business. Today, it isn’t even that hard compared to the olden days, and we’re in the midst of a technological revolution that’s abruptly changed our content consumption habits. It’s now easier than ever to translate applications, localize websites, and make dubbed TV series available to millions of viewers.

The ease of content creation and distribution to different international markets clashes with the fact that very few companies actually have a strategic localization expansion plan. And for those who do, it’s common to be faced with questions and doubts — such as which markets to enter, which languages to add to the current portfolio, and how to prioritize content that requires localization.

The profusion of content and languages means that businesses should have a systematic approach to scaling their international growth without breaking the bank. But before you can really map out the road ahead of your company, you need to take time to consider your content strategy and reflect on the following issues.

  • If your product is already available in certain markets, and you’re considering entering a new one, what content is absolutely a must to be localized in order to enter that new market? 
  • What content might remain in English for the time being?
  • Do you need the same level of localization quality in all your content?
  • Which markets will your company find the most value in expanding into? And which markets can wait?

When these questions start surfacing during internal discussions is the exact right time to start laying the groundwork for international market expansion and determining what content is worth prioritizing. This report can help bridge the gaps between your experience and the demands of a proper content prioritization and market selection strategy.

This has been a preview. The full report can be accessed online by Nimdzi Partners.

The full publication contains information about the different approaches to prioritizing content for localization, especially if budget is hard to come by. If you are not a Nimdzi Partner, contact us.

This publication was researched and written by Nimdzi’s Globalization Specialist, Miguel Sepulveda. If you wish to find out more about the topic of content prioritization, please reach out to Miguel at [email protected].

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