Competition, coopetition, and innovation in language services – Nimdzi LIVE! Episode 29 (feat. Michael Stevens)

Let's talk about competition, coopetition, and innovation in language services with industry veteran, Michael Stevens.

Our guest today is Michael Stevens

At Translated, Michael Stevens is responsible for growth: finding interesting companies to work with and challenging many assumptions about localization in the process. As co-host of The Global podcast, he explores areas of the localization industry that spark his own curiosity and he then shares it with the industry at large. Over the years, Michael has studied languages, marketing and searched deeply to understand the mind of God. He has worked successfully with two major language service providers and also consulted in software development. Living in Seattle, Washington, Michael can be found with his wife and three daughters.

About Nimdzi LIVE!

There is a shadow industry driving the growth of ALL global brands: Localization. Let’s talk globalization, localization, translation, interpretation, language, and culture, with an emphasis on how it affects your business, whether you have a scrappy start-up or are working in a top global brand. Topics are taken from the most recently published market research from Nimdzi Insights (and other sources) and will feature guest speakers from time to time. If you have suggestions for new topics or guests, or would like to be a guest yourself, please reach out to our producers at [email protected] to pitch your idea.

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1 July 2021

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