Keylingo is a language service provider headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. With a steady revenue of over USD 5 million per year, the company was able to comfortably run a business and maintain a dedicated core team that has been with the translation company for 10 years. Having been in the business for 17 long ones, Keylingo Founder and CEO Frederick Marx was thinking bigger. He wanted to grow the company tenfold in 5 years and decided that partnering with the right consultant would “take the blinders off,” as he put it.

Key Business Challenges:

The translation firm was looking to embrace and implement fundamental changes in order to be the thriving company it envisioned itself to be 10 years from now. Keylingo Founder and CEO Frederick Marx, knew that to grow for the sake of growth wasn’t a good idea in and of itself. Thriving is much more appealing. “I want all the Keylingo stakeholders to live happy and meaningful lives that are enabled by a thriving business.”

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He was looking to address his objective and had a number of questions:

  • How do I improve the way we do business, and how do I embrace fundamental change?
  • How do I ensure that my employees are happy?
  • How do I offer new opportunities for future employees?
  • How do I encourage my customers to become evangelists because they value working with us?
  • How do I position Keylingo to be a highly credible thought leader in the industry?
  • How do I improve a stable business and push it to grow ten times its size?
  • I know that I want to make some changes, but what should I really do?

“Our business is stable, however, the challenge was that we've been stuck for quite some time at the 5 million USD revenue mark, and we couldn't find ways to continue rapid growth. Certainly, doing the same things and expecting different results is naive.”

Frederick Marx, Keylingo Founder and CEO

What we Did:

As part of the engagement package, Keylingo’s onsite Upswing Program was accompanied by Office Hour sessions, video calls with Nimdzi’s consultants even after the Upswing Program is over. Over the course of the Upswing Program itself, workshops covered the following topics:

  • Setting up Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) for the next 2 years
  • Sales and business strategy
  • Industry insights: where the industry is at/headed
  • Insights on markets, verticals, technologies
  • Client and localization buyer insights: how buyers operate, think, make decisions, and buy localization services
  • How do I improve a stable business and push it to grow ten times its size?
  • How other companies go about their business

The Upswing Experience

On top of the valuable insights, there's a lot of energy and momentum in the Upswing Program workshops. Renato is fully present and 100% committed to helping you achieve your objectives. He is a very effective leader of this type of engagement, he had a library of information - part of it in his head, and a lot of it in PowerPoint slides, videos, books, and podcasts. Very effective presentation style. Wasn't very regimented or structured per se. We were “just” having conversations, and everybody was engaged 100%. Everyone left the Upswing with notebooks full of valuable notes and minds full of inspiring ideas. Renato really opened our eyes.

We've got more than we asked for.

My challenge now is to keep the momentum going. I believe this will be partially powered by our Nimdzi Membership and will enable us to continue working closely together on the changes we discussed in our Upswing program.

Frederick Marx, Keylingo Founder and CEO

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