The M&A Conversation

Webinar: The M&A Conversation: How to Prepare for Growth or Exit Public  

Podcast: The M&A Conversation: How to Prepare for Growth or Exit Buying and selling companies has become a regular activity in the language services market. Whether you are planning to grow your revenue or to retire, it is useful what is the process and how to develop conversations around the value of your business. Jonathan […]

Continuous localization with Igor Afanasyev

Webinar: Continuous Localization Public  

Continuous localization is a way to think localization as an open-ended cycle where content is released for translation, translated and injected back into the build with minimal downtime and in a continuous manner. It effectively does away with jobs, which are replaced by a constant stream of content. In today’s webinar, we talk about continuous […]

Featured image - Project management soft skills part 2

Webinar: Project management soft skills (part 2)

In part 1, we looked at some universal soft skills and how to best manage both internal and internal stakeholders. In part 2, we will go deeper and talk about some practical tips for managing your internal team and also, most importantly of all, how to manage yourself!                […]

4x6 Thumb

Webinar: KPI Dashboards made easy Public  

To make good decisions, program managers need good data. We ALL can have real-time reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs) in order maintain the overall health of our localization programs. Join this webinar to discover some simple (and free) methods you can use to start building your fancy reporting dashboards […]

Featured image - PM Soft skills part 1

Webinar: Project management soft skills (Part 1)

Sometimes project managers can be so focused on processes that we forget to hone our soft skills. A big part of managing projects requires working with other people – clients, team members, and of course our bosses. This webinar will teach important soft skills that anybody (not just project managers) can start using immediately    […]

Featured image - 4x3 - Inbound marketing

Webinar: Inbound marketing for LSPs

Inbound is about making clients come to you. This technique is starting to make its way into the translation industry, but only one out of five large companies are using it. In this webinar, we will take a look at LSP campaigns and processes to develop content and get the most of it with marketing […]

Featured image - 4x3 - TMS Systems cover

Webinar: Translation management systems – a comparison

In this feature discovery webinar presented by Konstantin Dranch and Tucker Johnson, we examine ten popular translation management systems and compare them step-by-step by the functionality they offer. What are the unique features that differentiate one system from another? The information will be useful for both TMS users and developers.            […]

Featured image - 4x3 - Largest LSPs

Webinar: Analysis of top LSPs in the world by revenue

Nimdzi chief researcher Konstantin Dranch and CEO Renato Beninatto will review the top language services providers in the world on the Nimdzi 100 ranking and discuss what makes them successful                                                    […]

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