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Market Size for Translation and InterpretingExclusive for Nimdzi Partners 

According to the Nimdzi 100 annual report, the language services industry will reach USD 53.6 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 70 billion by 2023. While conducting the research for the Nimdzi 100, we reached out to the national statistics bodies of 80 countries with the largest GDP. 39 offices responded with […]


The 2019 Nimdzi 100 – Language Services Industry Analysis Public  

Find leading global language services providers to buy from, invest in, partner with or work for. The Nimdzi 100 features the largest companies in translation, interpreting, media localization, and any language-related business. Compiled from in-depth interviews, surveys, annual financial reports, and other sources, the list offers insights into the state of the language industry in […]


The 2018 Nimdzi 100 – Growth (Revised May, 2018) Public  

In this revised version, we update figures for many companies with more accurate and more recent numbers. We have also split the reports into three sections, namely the Nimdzi 100 LSP rankings, the language services market analysis, and the language services industry growth                          […]


The 2018 Nimdzi 100 – Market Analysis (Revised May 2018) Public  

In this revised version of the Nimdzi 100, we have split the reports into three sections, namely Nimdzi 100 LSP rankings, language services market analysis, and language services industry growth. Areas showing growth in language services include translation generalists, interpreting and telephone interpreting services, and government and defense contractors. Want to take a closer look? […]


The 2018 Nimdzi 100 – LSP Rankings (Revised May, 2018) Public  

In this revised version of the Nimdzi 100,  we’ve added watch lists that include companies showing promising growth in the language services industry, and have also included language services providers without a definitive revenue estimate. Read more to learn about the companies that have had a significant impact on the language services market      […]

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