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Shanghai China

China: The New Land of Plenty Public  

It’s early 2020 and by now it’s not exactly news when you hear someone declaring China as a land of opportunity. Most macro- and micro-economic indicators put the country at the top (or close to the top) of any list of the most dynamic economies of the world.

Life Sciences_header

Life Sciences Vertical ReportExclusive for Nimdzi Partners 

It comes as little surprise that Life Sciences is a sector firmly on the rise. While access to healthcare is democratizing across the globe, the growing needs of patients go hand in hand with technological advancements transforming the way businesses operate.

NIMDZI and ATC Report on UK Language Industry

ATC UK Language Industry Survey and ReportPublic 

Welcome to the ATC UK Language Industry Survey 2019! The data collected for the survey forms a snapshot of the UK’s language services industry, providing us with a glimpse into the UK market as it stands today in a rapidly changing and evolving global industry and an uncertain political arena.

The Nimdzi Interpreting Index 2019

The Nimdzi Interpreting Index Public  

This is the first Nimdzi Interpreting Index. There has not been a ranking of the top players in interpreting in years and it is a great time to take a closer look at this sector of the language industry because interpreting is becoming more significant and scalable.

Language industry verticals

Language Industry Verticals Free to preview  

The language industry consists of segments that move at different speeds and have different sizes. Companies that specialize in a fast-growing and sizeable vertical can enjoy a steady increase in business. For buyers of language services, it makes sense to select a provider with the appropriate portfolio size in their vertical. Those companies will speak […]

Language services in Portugal

Portugal – Investigating the Language Services MarketExclusive for Nimdzi Partners 

Portugal’s language services market has never been researched in-depth before. This study provides transparency and structure to an otherwise fragmented and piecemeal market. The aim of the report is to guide industry professionals in the understanding of the language services businesses. PortugalInvestigating the language services market Introduction Portugal’s language services market has never been researched […]

European competition index

The European Competition Index Public  

LSP sales in Europe have grown by 34 percent in the latest seven years tracked, while the number of companies with at least two employees has increased by 32.6 percent. On the surface, the signs are great for current providers: revenue has increased more than the competition. However, providers of different classes have benefitted unequally. […]

Software localization vertical report

Software Localization Vertical ReportExclusive for Nimdzi Partners 

This report is the result of research conducted gathering data from multiple sources. Surveys and extensive interviews were held with buyer-side localization managers, vendor companies, and third-party industry observers and analysts to provide a comprehensive analysis in this report. For insights from the buyer side, we reached out to companies that are involved in different […]

ALC Annual Conference in Washington DC

ALC Annual Conference 2019 in Washington DC – Report Public  

Mid-sized interpreting businesses are moving leaps and bounds in the United States, but they face regulatory threats and a rapid technological advance. These changes turned out to be the most important topic at the ALC 2019 Annual Conference.                             US interpreting boom […]

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