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Life Sciences Vertical ReportExclusive for Nimdzi Partners 

It comes as little surprise that Life Sciences is a sector firmly on the rise. While access to healthcare is democratizing across the globe, the growing needs of patients go hand in hand with technological advancements transforming the way businesses operate.

Abominable issue

Mapping Contention: Avoiding Abominable Gaffes in Film and Media Public  

The status quo for global corporations and media doing business in the PRC has been to bow to Chinese influences and censorship pressures to avoid consequences such as getting their products or company banned in the market. With an increased public awareness of this practice comes an increased risk of public backlash, with consequences ranging from public relations issues to mockery to potential boycotting and financial losses.

NIMDZI and ATC Report on UK Language Industry

ATC UK Language Industry Survey and ReportPublic 

Welcome to the ATC UK Language Industry Survey 2019! The data collected for the survey forms a snapshot of the UK’s language services industry, providing us with a glimpse into the UK market as it stands today in a rapidly changing and evolving global industry and an uncertain political arena.

The price of localization

The Price is Right? Localization Industry PricingPublic 

Preliminary numbers from Nimdzi’s 2019-2020 language services pricing study are rolling in, and we are understandably eager to begin reporting on our findings. The cost of language services is naturally a hot topic in our industry, and we don’t expect this to change.

ESPN Chinese Map Geopolitical Issues and Cultural Awareness

Crossing the [Nine Dash] Line: Treading the Waters of Geopolitical Issues Public  

A few weeks ago, ESPN’s use of a map of China featuring the Nine Dash Line may have gone unnoticed or passed off as a careless gaffe. The map, rarely seen outside of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), was featured on an October 9 broadcast about the fallout between the NBA and China over a (subsequently deleted) tweet by Houston Rocket’s general manager in support of the Hong Kong citizens who are resisting Beijing’s increased influence in the governance of Hong Kong en masse.


NOTIS Conference Report: Shedding Light on an Invisible Profession Public  

The Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society (NOTIS) Annual Conference brings translators, interpreters, and language professionals under one roof to discuss the topics, trends, and challenges of working in the T&I industry. The thirty-year-old association attracted a motivated crowd to Washington’s Museum of Flight in Seattle for the two-day conference.

Talking Transcription Part 3

Podcast: Talking Transcription Part 3 Public 

To wrap up our series on transcription, we invited Sam Liang, Founder and CEO of Otter.ai, to talk about his company’s innovative transcription technology. He discusses the wide variety of use cases for his service, how he’s combined speech-to-text and neural language processing and how he sees transcription technology evolving in the future. Podcast: Talking […]

Goodbye, source text

“Goodbye, Source Text!” Public  

Events dedicated to localization, such as the 40th edition of Localization World held in Estoril, are a good way to take the pulse of our industry. While most of the discussions inevitably center around the usual suspects – machine translation or globalization, to name just a couple – every once in a full moon, a hidden, wholly unexpected gem makes an appearance on center stage.

Podcast:  Should Localization Education Ride the Technology Wave?

Podcast: Should Localization Education Ride the Technology Wave? Public 

School is back in session! In this episode, Michael interviews a panel of localization professors—Max Troyer, Jon Ritzdorf and Jan Grodecki—about how they are preparing students for the future of localization. They discuss how curriculum should both ride the wave of current technology as well as teach students traditional critical skills. Other topics include the […]

Blockchain in the language services industry

Blockchain in the Language Services Industry Public  

Blockchain and bitcoin have been around for more than a decade now, but most of us mortals are still struggling to understand how all this technology comes together, without even considering its implications for the language services industry. Let’s give it a try.

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