NTIF 2019

Nordic Translation Industry Forum 2019 – Nimdzi Conference Report Public  

This year, the ninth Nordic Translation Industry Forum (NTIF) was hosted in Gothenburg, Sweden, from November 24 to 26. Over 170 attendees from more than 26 countries traveled to the largest non-capital city in the Nordics to exchange ideas and engage in lively debate and friendly competition. Nimdzi Insights was among the mingling crowd too.

Interpreting across the globe

Interpreting Across the Globe: No One Size Fits AllPublic 

The interpreting market is a diverse and complex sector within the language industry. There are different modes — consecutive, simultaneous, and whispered interpreting — and different modalities, i.e. onsite, over-the-phone (OPI), and video-remote interpreting (VRI). There are different types of interpreting, like medical, legal, community, and conference interpreting and all of them come with their own requirements.

The Nimdzi Interpreting Index 2019

The Nimdzi Interpreting Index Public  

This is the first Nimdzi Interpreting Index. There has not been a ranking of the top players in interpreting in years and it is a great time to take a closer look at this sector of the language industry because interpreting is becoming more significant and scalable.

The Year of Indigenous Languages

The Year of Indigenous Languages Public  

It is estimated that a language dies every two weeks. This means that every two weeks, we lose a part of human history and culture, and a unique view of the world. Languages dying is nothing new, but the rate at which they’re dying is becoming ever more alarming. What’s even more troubling is that […]

How to get the most out of your interpreter

How to Get the Most out of Your Interpreter Public  

You’re going to a conference. You’ve spent months preparing your speech and you’re ready to deliver your well-crafted message to your audience. There’s only one problem — half the audience doesn’t speak your language. Thankfully, there are interpreters at the event. But how do you ensure they convey the message the way you intended it? […]

female conference interpreter

The Feminization of conference interpreting Public  

It is said that interpreting is the second oldest profession in the world. There are records of interpreters alongside pharaohs, kings, and conquerors. They even appear in the Bible and in Greek mythology. Despite its historical tradition, conference interpreting only became professionalized around the time of World War I. In these early days of the […]

Vicarious trauma in interpreters

Vicarious Trauma in InterpretersExclusive for Nimdzi Partners 

Vicarious trauma happens when we internalize someone else’s trauma and experience it as if it were our own. It mimics the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), even though the actual trauma happened to someone else. Vicarious Trauma in InterpretersPractical Implications of an Overlooked Issue Introduction Vicarious trauma happens when we internalize someone else’s trauma […]

Stratus and InDemand merge

Stratus and InDemand Merge Public  

On Friday, a new company was born from the merger of Stratus Video and InDemand Interpreting. Together, they are now the third largest interpreting company in the world, with a combined revenue of over USD 100 million, and possibly the leader in medical remote interpreting. Stratus and InDemand Mergeand Become the Third Largest Interpreting Group […]

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