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Podcast: Getting the most out of localization events and conferences Public  

Battle-hardened conference veterans, Michael and Renato, are happy to share their tips on how to make the most of your conference experience. Download the podcast to listen or read the full transcript before boarding the plane for your next localization adventure.  Podcast: Conference survival guideGetting the most out of localization conferences Today’s discussion Battle-hardened conference […]


Happy American Independence Day(?) Public  

In light of recent events in the current political climate and how the United States is choosing to treat immigrant families arriving at the border, perhaps this July 4th Americans should not only focus on their nation’s values but on how the current president’s words affect the reality of those who arrive at America’s metaphorical shores.  […]


Yanny or Laurel… How people perceive sound Public  

The debate over “Yanny vs Laurel” involves a recorded human sound that, depending on the recording device and the frequency used during recording, affects how the sound is perceived. For language services, paying attention to voice samples, script localization, audio recording, and post-production are critical in ensuring your listeners hear your intended message      […]


Localization is ruining my gaming experience! Public  

According to the Entertainment Software Association, the US gaming industry earned over USD 30 billion in 2016. With these high stakes, it would seem very reasonable to assume that localization would play an important role in order to reach a global audience. However, some Nintendo gamers are concerned that localization creates censorship        […]


How Russia did it Public  

Social media marketing is where it’s at. No matter what it is your selling, it all comes down to marketing. It’s about effectively reaching our audience, conveying our message, and gaining our desired results. But what happens when certain marketers don’t play by the rules? How did Russian operatives beat us at our own game?  […]

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