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Interpreting across the globe

Interpreting Across the Globe: No One Size Fits AllPublic 

The interpreting market is a diverse and complex sector within the language industry. There are different modes — consecutive, simultaneous, and whispered interpreting — and different modalities, i.e. onsite, over-the-phone (OPI), and video-remote interpreting (VRI). There are different types of interpreting, like medical, legal, community, and conference interpreting and all of them come with their own requirements.

NIMDZI and ATC Report on UK Language Industry

ATC UK Language Industry Survey and ReportPublic 

Welcome to the ATC UK Language Industry Survey 2019! The data collected for the survey forms a snapshot of the UK’s language services industry, providing us with a glimpse into the UK market as it stands today in a rapidly changing and evolving global industry and an uncertain political arena.

The price of localization

The Price is Right? Localization Industry PricingPublic 

Preliminary numbers from Nimdzi’s 2019-2020 language services pricing study are rolling in, and we are understandably eager to begin reporting on our findings. The cost of language services is naturally a hot topic in our industry, and we don’t expect this to change.

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Language services in Finland (full report)Free to preview 

Most Finnish LSPs build their businesses around local customers and government programs. However, over the last couple of decades, Finland changed its external trade significantly, and while it still sells a lot to Russia, the top trade partners are now Germany, the United States, Sweden, and the Netherlands.                […]


Localization PM Infographic Free to preview  

The Nimdzi Localization Project Management infograph closely examines the types of localization project managers. We zero in on each type’s level of popularity, language skills, ambition, career advancement goals, and more. Take a look and see where you fit in or who would be the next best fit for your team!          […]

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Language technology atlas Free to preview  

The Nimdzi Language Technology Atlas consists of an infographic accompanied by a curated spreadsheet with software listings for various translation and interpreting needs. We’ve mapped over 400 different tools, and the list is growing quickly. The language industry is becoming more technical and complex, but Nimdzi is here to help!            […]

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Integration map Public  

Integration MapSearch TMS solutions by integrations This content is exclusive for Nimdzi Partners You are already logged in with your Nimdzi Partner account, so please feel free to continue to the full content! What is the TMS Integration Map? Easily compare hundreds of features, connectors, plugins, and capabilities of top TMS systems. Side by side […]

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