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What is Nimdzi Learning?

Nimdzi Learning offers the first-ever eLearning platform designed specifically for professionals in the language services and localization industry. Nimdzi eLearning Courses are video-based and cover topics in localization, language services, and business growth and development. Each course offers a program that includes short video lessons, quizzes, activities, and a Certificate of Completion. Some courses include Office Hours with the instructor, and some are offered completely free of charge. Begin your trial today or purchase the full catalog for you and your colleagues. Ask about a Nimdzi Membership.


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Cost Control and Client Negotiation

Intermediate 6 lessons 1 hour(s) 4 activities
This class will cover basic but effective negotiation tactics that will be useful to any localization professional who finds they need to negotiate as part of their job.

Introduction to Language Technology: A jaunt across the world of popular localization tools

Intermediate 11 lessons 2 hour(s) 6 activities
The course explains what’s what in modern language technology, overviewing the main categories into which approximately 1000 tools can be grouped. This class is for professionals wondering what types of automation are available to help them with translation and localization efforts. We’ll look at how can we automate quality. What tools to use for terminology management. What the state of modern interpreting and audiovisual translation solutions is. And how and where machine translation is being implemented in 2021? To answer such questions, we’ll talk about the evolution of CAT-tools and TMS, business management in translation, quality assurance and review. We’ll touch on the subject of terminology management, discuss MT and MT integrators, interpreting systems, Audiovisual technology, marketplaces and platforms. We’ll even check out other groups of tools needed for daily operations within our industry (TMX editors, task trackers, bug trackers, etc.) After finishing the class, participants will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the modern language technology landscape and will become more familiarized with the most important parts of it.

How to set up your localization metrics program: Advancing your strategy and explaining the business impact

Advanced 12 lessons 2 hour(s) 1 activities
What gets measured gets improved, and this is what you will take away from this course. During the course, you will understand the differences between data, metrics and KPIs and know what localization operational metrics to use to take your localization strategy to the next level. You will also learn the secrets of efficiently and effectively communicating your progress to the C-suite, enabling your leadership team to understand how your localization efforts impact the objective of the organization. Compiling and analyzing localization KPIs is paramount in detecting critical points and opportunities, and this course will reveal how to do that.

Referral Selling: Ask and You Shall Receive

Intermediate 12 lessons 1 hour(s) 1 activities
If you're looking to shorten your sales cycle, ensure you have only qualified leads in your sales pipeline and, most importantly, work with your dream clients, then referral selling should be at the core of your sales strategy. In this course, you'll learn about all the ingredients needed for developing a successful referral selling strategy, the process to follow as well as the do's and don'ts of asking for referrals. Your value proposition is certainly differentiated and unique, so why not make the way you sell unique, too?

How to Sell Your Services as a Freelance Translator

Beginner 8 lessons 1 hour(s) 0 activities
When we decided to pursue a career as translators, perhaps we didn’t anticipate that the majority of translators work as independent contractors —freelancers. We might not have been prepared in school for running our own business; for finding the right clients. By sharing personal experiences and using a little humor, this course will offer translators practical tips and recommendations for selling their services as freelance translators.

UX and Localization: Designing Content for Global Markets

Advanced 20 lessons 5 hour(s) 1 activities
This course will cover the topic of user experience (UX), its relationship with localization, and best practices to keep in mind when designing content for global markets. To create a user experience that resonates with people in other countries, you need to understand how to shape content for an international audience. This course will equip you with the knowledge to create a multi-market product.

How to Successfully Set Goals for your Departments with OKR Methodology

Beginner 9 lessons 1 hour(s) 2 activities
Setting up goals for every role and team members is key if you want your company to grow and succeed: having no framework at all for setting up goals will slow down your journey to getting your own company objectives. In this course you will learn one of the most innovative frameworks to set goals in organizations of all sizes: the OKR framework. We will refer to real-life examples, and will give you some clear, actionable items to start off and set up goals effectively.

Introduction to Buyer Personas

Intermediate 10 lessons 1 hour(s) 5 activities
Understanding your prospects’ goals and challenges is fundamental to connect with them and drive meaningful conversations. In this course, you will learn how to build a buyer persona to improve and make the most out of your prospecting efforts.

The Business of Translation

Beginner 12 lessons 3 hour(s) 12 activities
“The Business of Translation” is designed for newcomers to the industry at any level in an organization (including project managers, localization managers, business development managers, VP of Sales, etc.) who are looking to understand the value and supply chain of the translation business in order to improve their effectiveness when navigating the industry and make impactful and strategic decisions.

Effective Selling During Online Events

Intermediate 10 lessons 1 hour(s) 8 activities
Preparation and planning before attending an online event lead to effective selling and increases your opportunities to succeed. This course will leave you with a toolkit that equips you to better prepare for an online event, being able to drive meaningful conversations with your prospects in a challenging virtual environment.

Change Management for Localization Professionals

Intermediate 18 lessons 3 hour(s) 16 activities
Effective change management leads to successful transitions, motivated teams, and continuous improvement within your organization. This course will leave you with a toolkit that equips you to lead change in a methodical and strategic way. You’ll be able to avoid common blockers and engage your team to adapt to the change.

Strategic Decision Making

Intermediate 16 lessons 1.5 hour(s) 10 activities
In this course, we will be discussing the decision-making process, specifically in a business context, although you could apply the principles we’ll be discussing to other areas of your life, as well. We’ll be talking about how to make better-informed decisions, which typically lead to better results.

Account Management for Project Managers

Intermediate 8 lessons 6 hour(s) 7 activities
This course is designed for localization project managers who are interested in learning practical ways to add more value for their clients through account management best practices and business communication skills.

How does Nimdzi Learning Benefit International Companies

Tucker Johnson’s Account Management for Project Managers course perfectly filled the gap between my linguistic education and my business education. Throughout my career, I’ve been doing my best to apply what I’ve learned in business classes to my career in the language services industry, but a lot of what’s taught in the classroom is too general to be particularly helpful to any one niche industry. Johnson did an excellent job blending theory with specific examples in order to give me the tools I need to understand and contribute to the big picture future of my company as well as handle any situation I might encounter day-to-day as a translation project manager. I also gained the confidence I needed to take my customer service skills to the next level. I always thought customer service was just a base level of being polite and helpful to clients, but the course taught me that I have the ability (and responsibility) to make a powerful impact on how our clients view us as a company and not just me as an individual.

Loretta Mulberry
Project Manager at Terra Translations
The course "The Business of Translation" gives an insight in the translation business, everything from A to Z in such compact, easy format.
Vanessa Turkupole
Account Executive, LMI Translations
Managing a large, globally dispersed team of professionals with different backgrounds and skillsets can be challenging. The Nimdzi Learning platform helps us reinforcing the professional development of our team. Our team members can ramp up their knowledge in specific areas thanks to the catalog of online training courses.
Charlotta Calås
Director of Operations Language Solutions at Semantix

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