Customer Success Analyst

Are you a listener and a problem solver looking to make an impact at a growing, customer-centric global consulting company? Look no further. 

As Nimdzi’s Customer Success Analyst, we expect you to read the insights behind the customer success data, collect valuable client satisfaction details that will drive a customer-centric strategy. In this position, you will drive engagement with key enterprise clients to ensure sustainable company growth, all while working in a fun, innovative, start-up environment with an experienced and supportive team.

Nimdzi prides itself to be a work-from-anywhere company from the get-go. Our +30 people team is located in over 10 different countries. This job offer requires you to work in a time-zone friendly location that allows you to work with the teams in North America and Europe.

Your Duties

You are the one who: 

  • manages CS dashboards,
  • reports key CS metrics to VPs,
  • manages milestones and tasks on CRM with task assignments, 
  • manages customer onboarding,
  • retrieves engagement data before QBRs, 
  • retrieves engagement and ‘Fuel for Renewal’ data before renewal conversations, 
  • manages Digital-Touch customers - onboarding, personalized/focussed newsletters, CRM details, etc., 
  • supports transferring engagement data from Ops team to CRM,
  • helps maintain client documentation on the Drive.


We are looking for a combination of skills to drive meaningful engagement and achieve renewals. 

Customer service: Speaking with customers and attending to their needs is a skill necessary to perform the role of the customer success team member. The most effective members of a customer success team can assess and anticipate customer needs, which helps deliver excellent customer service.

Interpersonal: The ability to form relationships using skills such as active listening, patience and empathy is key to building customer relationships. Customer success team members rely on interpersonal skills to be effective.

Communication: Oral and written skills are very important to the roles of the customer success team. This role is communication-based and being able to talk with customers and team members can help achieve company goals.

 Analysis: Researching and interpreting data is key when working with customers. Several roles of the customer success team rely on the ability to gather and understand customer data, such as demographics and customer behavior, preferences, etc. 

Problem-solving: By identifying customer concerns and developing creative solutions, the customer success team can help provide value to the customer's experience, improve processes and deliver better service, which helps encourage loyalty and can help to grow the customer base, reduce churn and achieve renewals year after year.

Technical skills: Technical skills such as computer literacy and designing customer sales journeys are useful for tracking customer data, managing tasks and improving strategies to build and maintain relationships with the customer.

Other eligibility criteria

  • Experience in customer success/service or customer facing roles such as account management.
  • A data-driven mind and analytical skills that allow you to know how to read data and provide actionable insights to strengthen customer relations. 
  • The ability to solve your clients’ specific problems and provide the solutions that address your clients’ business needs.
  • Experience with CRM, dashboards, data reporting.
  • Excellent English proficiency and strong communication capabilities, with good business writing skills. Other foreign languages are an advantage.
  • The ability to give professional presentations and host online meetings or events.
  • A proactive attitude. You don’t buckle under pressure, and you are self-motivated.

We expect you to work well as part of a bigger CS and Sales team but also to be able to deliver and work independently.

What you will get from us

If you join the Nimdzi team you will:

  • work in an international working environment with - COVID permitting - global travel opportunities,
  • benefit from continuous training opportunities, imparted by some of the best “gurus” in the sector,
  • learn to adopt a honey-badger attitude and thrive in a fast-paced but fun environment,
  • share experiences with some of the smartest and most humble people in the industry. These two adjectives might not seem to fit together, but believe us, at Nimdzi they do,
  • achieve the work/life balance you like with flexible working hours,
  • get a rare opportunity to contribute to the way the world communicates!