Buyers & LSP Readiness: How Ready Are You?

Over the course of Nimdzi Insights’ various research projects, we have consistently found that the one thing (editor’s note: among many, admittedly) that can make or break localization operations, whether on the buyers’ side or on the language services providers’ (LSP) side is the following:

The ability to think outside of the box and be ready for whatever is coming your way.

Sufficiently vague, but so vital for success, that we decided to measure it, collecting opinions from both sides via the Nimdzi LocIQ Test.

Respondents were rating their organization’s readiness for five distinct scenarios which can occur as a result of internal company growth or outside market forces. The ratings range 1 to 5, with 5 meaning their company is extremely well prepared to face any of these situations.

Buyers & LSPs – How ready are they to:

Source: Nimdzi Insights

The difference in ratings between buyers & LSPs isn’t too marked, but it does exist.

Let’s consider the following:

  • The buyer-side localization decision-maker might be more conservative when it comes to assessing the readiness of his organization to face any of these scenarios. Localization is often only a small department within the larger machinery, and localization decision-makers are frequently working from an inferior position compared to product or marketing teams. Therefore, their views may be a bit more skeptical, reflected in the lower scores they attributed to their organization.
  • On the other hand, people working at LSPs might be looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. Answering the question how ready they are can quickly become a sales pitch exercise. There might have been one or two LSPs in the history of mankind that have over-valued their readiness.

How ready is your organization? In the ever-changing localization landscape, being ready for what tomorrow brings will never go out of fashion.

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22 November 2019
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