5 Types of Localization Project Managers

Project Managers (PMs) are a key cog in the whole localization machine. They not only manage clients’ projects but also have a sales and account management role, nurturing and growing the business relationship a company has with its clients through their exemplary work. Quite often they double down as people managers too. PMs lead an entire team of people, from translators to localization engineers, and DTP specialists all pulling for the same result – getting things done on time, within budget and with the desired level of quality. They are not the stars of the show, however,… unless they fit the rock star archetype, one of the five types of localization Project Managers we have identified.

Why is it important to know which localization PM are you or you have on your team?

We all look at ourselves in the mirror every morning. While some of us are in it for the paycheck, most of us are here to get better at what we do. While the sky is the limit as far as you’re concerned, knowing where to situate yourself can be beneficial as far as your opportunities for career growth are. What’s more, it helps you understand your limits or what you can get better at. For employers, it might pay off to think hard on who your next PM hire be and whether she fits the makeup of the existing team or the company culture you are trying to build.

So, which localization PM are you?

LPMs - The Growing Networker
LPMs - The Peaked Senior Manager, The Below Average Joe
LPMs - The Rock Star, The Rising Star

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17 February 2020
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